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Why Liquify Group?

Companies upgrade spaces, move, downsize or go out of business all of the time. When restaurants or offices in KC have to sell their used furniture or used restaurant equipment, Liquify Group is there to make the transition painless.

We create a win-win situation by helping businesses liquidate their used fixtures while providing a simple online or offline process to connect with the right buyers. Whether you're a business or an individual, you save time and money by shopping in one simple place for used goods you need, at a fantastic price. Contact us now at 816-659-3024 to set up a meeting!

We are Kansas City's only full-service business liquidation service and eCommerce site. We market and run on-site liquidation sales for restaurants and offices that are moving.

We also store and consign used furniture and used restaurant equipment at our warehouse location, 1600 Swift St. in North Kansas City. Our corporate office is located at 1100 Main St. 4th Floor, Kansas City, Missouri 64105. As well, we can ship any item, worldwide!


I am a KC based business owner who recently used Liquify to furnish my new office at a fraction of the price I would have paid new! I am the first to recommend Kelli and her team since there really is no other company like Liquify in town.

- F. Boland

Glen and his team were great! They allowed me to put a deposit on a desk I couldnt pick up the same day. I then purchased a week later and his team helped load the furniture into my truck. He was very responsive when I contacted him outside of business hours, which is much appreciated. Thank you for everything guys!

- E. Gutman

I went to Liquify's weekend warehouse sale in North KC and worked with Chase and Glen. They were great and I picked up a projector that was perfect for my new conference room. Can't wait to see the new things they get in the future and their new eCommerce site!

- A. Smith

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